Rail safety logoRail Safety have gladly donated to Kurbingui in order to repair and replace boxing bags that so badly need it right now.

Rail Safety are based out of Wangaratta,Victoria and their services include Investigating rail Safety Incidents, Track Certifier, Rail Auditing and Training and Assessing.  For further information please contact, Peter Kalkandis on mobile 0413336899 or email railsafety@bigond.com

Thank you Peter for your support and generosity.



TAS have developed specific skillsets that meet the demands of the global employer.  With an effective on-line training portal that reaches millions of students around the world, opportunities are sourced, students trained on-line and then matched with industry leading employers.

Check out their website at tastrainingsolutions.com

Freecall 1800 565 556 (mobiles extra)