• Gold Coast PCYC

    Kurbingui weighed in 7 boxers

    Jaziah Mckinlesss, Austin Crossland, Tyler Harrington,Leah Fraser, Tiki Fraser, Kaal Fafita and Liam Wilson.

    4 of the 7 boxers we got matched up.

    Our first boxer was Austin who started slow but managed to land some good shots throughout the fight and came away with the win via split decision.

    Next we had Kaal Fafita, with only his second fight.  Kaal did some really good things and also did some things that we need to work on. But all good, as this kid is a genuine athlete with time on his side and if he applies himself, he will be a great boxer .

    Liam was up next – he boxed against a very slick and skillful boxer. The first round saw Liam start nice and controlled and in the second he followed instructions to a tee – winning in round 2 via TKO.

    Jaziah was our next boxer and he boxed against a great little kid from NSW. Jaziah again gave away weight – I can only think of 2 or 3 times out of his 14 fights that Jaziah hasn’t had give away weight. He boxed a bit slow in round one but came home strong in rounds 2 and 3 to get the win.

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